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How it all began (Our Story)

Imagine having the most incredible childhood, going to school for years and years until you're finally ready to go into the workforce. Well, that's exactly what happened to me.

Growing up in a very traditional family, having to move to a whole different country because of a lack of opportunities, continue my school as well as beginning my work-life. 

I’ve always liked being around people so all of my jobs had similar profiles, a hostess at a restaurant, a salesperson at a jewelry shop and then sales rep for a water treatment company- that one really made a change in me.


I realized that even though this job was amazing I wasn't really moving forward in my life. I could travel, meet new people every day, help them improve their health through water BUT I was replaceable, I was just another part of a machine that could be changed or eliminated at any moment.

I realized that I was taught since...ALWAYS, that we are born, educated, and then surrender our entire lives to a “secure” job in which we are lucky to find (and keep). Then once we get old at approximately 60-65 we can finally retire and LIVE life.




Hell yeah, that sh*t was (is) scary!!!

The moment I realized it, I had a crisis because I had no freaking idea what to do next. I didn't want to wait till most of my life was spent to begin living.

Lucky for me I had my best friend and soulmate next to me, in fact, it was him the one that had the craziest idea of them all, to start an online business.

It was so hard to fix the “programming” in my head, to think outside the box per se, but he was so convinced it was the way to go that we began our adventure.


I'm not going to tell you it was all about winning, cause it wasn't, this was a hard road to travel. We made many mistakes but the main one was to think we could do (learn) it all on our own.


We went all in, time went by and nothing was really working, our credit cards were maxed out and it was getting harder and harder to fight the haters, you know, those special little people that tell you “you're not the next Zuckerberg, that you should just quit wasting time & money and get a real job”
Yes, we had those too!


Years went by and after many books, courses and fake gurus, we finally caught a break… let me tell you, the very first dollar we made online changed our lives forever.


We polished up our game, continued learning, became experts in our field and then decided to help other entrepreneurs at heart to get a kick start with their very own business. Provide them with solutions and opportunities we wished we had at our beginning-stages and raise new business owners to generate income from the comfort of their own home! 


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